Slow The F*ck Down Louisville


Our Mission

As one of the top ranked towns in the country Louisville is unique and in rare company. One of the most uniquely cool things about Louisville is its sense of community and small town greatness. Whether people have been here 20 years or 20 months it is a welcoming town with a great sense of community, but with its ever increasing popularity new challenges arise. No community is more poised to rise to the challenge, however, than one centered around our sense of one another. 

Our mission is simple: to consciously demonstrate respect for one another in the form of safe driving speeds and to be the model to our kids, to surrounding communities, and the country in general in showing what a community can do together when it puts its mind to it. 

It’s not hard to fathom why Louisville turns up over and over again on MONEY’s Best Places to Live rankings (a two-time #1). The town offers a winning combination of economic opportunity and small-town charm. Then there’s the Colorado sunshine, 1,800 acres of open space, and, of course, the Rocky Mountains, just a 20-minute drive away.
— Money Magazine