Sweetest People of Louisville,

The support for the STFDLouisville social movement to address speeding in town has been overwhelming. While there have been a few detractors, based on actual data an absolute overwhelming majority support it, understood the point, took the time to read through the website to form (and inform) an opinion, and simply just want people to slow down through our neighborhoods and school zones. You should know that within the first 18 hours of launching the program on Sunday evening both the media and the chief of police directly contacted STFDLouisville. That is because of you.

Two well-known media outlets reached out for interviews and may publish an article/expose on the campaign soon. Furthermore, specific to the chief of police we couldn't have had a nicer conversation. He is genuinely concerned about the situation and that more hadn't been done by the department. We're meeting in person early next week to further discuss specifics and actions. However, as was said to him directly this does not all lay at the feet of the police. It's the city, the police, and the citizens exercising their own accountability all in combination. That combination only occurs with your continued patronage of the campaign.

The first few signs were placed strategically at the entrance in to old town to test a hypothesis, all the while knowing that someone would remove them from the location. Did it work? Absolutely. Not only did people drive slower (as confirmed by the electronic speed sign), but it led to massive community support and contact from both the media and the police. It worked, and all in less than one day.

Please know this is the beginning and not the end, however. There’s still work to be done and commitments to be made, but as is stated elsewhere on the website there’s no better town to get it done than Louisville. Please join in your town’s cause via the below channels.

Happy Thanksgiving, all.