Many issues divide the country. The safety of our children and other members of the community at the hands of entitled or distracted drivers is not one of them. We are challenging friends, neighbors, even people we have not yet met to join this cause and be the model community both locally and nationally. Our hope is you will feel just as inspired to join this cause for the betterment of your very own community. It's as simple as posting a sign in your yard and spreading the word through word of mouth and social media that speeding through our neighborhoods is not acceptable.

With no urgent nor adequate response from the city and no response from the police whatsoever despite multiple attempts to discuss the issue, it became apparent that we need to take matters into our own hands as a community. Our challenge to you is to be a part of the change you may also like to see in Louisville and show people why this is truly one of the best communities in the country. The endgame is to create a groundswell of community support and activism to demonstrate the need for a more adequate response from the city and the police to offer constructive countermeasures to the issue, ones with a more heightened sense of urgency.